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PG&E safety partners

First responders, city, county and state officials, tribes and other agencies: Find maps, shape files and other information related to a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) and other emergencies below.

Residential or business customers: Learn how you can prepare for a Public Safety Power Shutoff. Visit the PSPS Events page.

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Public safety partners and authorized critical facilities can access PDF maps, KMZ, shapefiles and customer data for potential PSPS impact areas.

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PSPS planning resources

PSPS non-event planning maps are available 365 days a year. The files show the areas that are more likely to be shut off for safety during an event.

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PSPS event files

When a PSPS event has been announced, find event-specific PDF maps, KMZ and shapefiles for the areas affected.

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No counties are currently impacted

NOTE: Typically, only part of a county is affected by a PSPS, not the entire county.

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